Bouckaert Industrial Textiles is a division of The Brickle Group, a diversified textile manufacturer. Due to this relationship, we have a number of other textiles-based companies and services that may also assist you in fulfilling your needs.

Ever wonder where the textile industry went? It never left Rhode Island! The Brickle Group is the manufacturer of a diverse range of textiles. No matter your textile need, The Brickle Group has been servicing the market since 1936.

A division of The Brickle Group providing comfort and warmth by producing wool and synthetic blankets for 68 years. Located in Woonsocket, RI we manufacture army and emergency relief blankets, providing humanitarian relief all over the world. Wherever there is a natural disaster or political strife, there is a good chance our blankets are there!

HeatSmart helps low-income families reduce energy bills and stay warm by partnering with utility providers to supply warm blankets, weather-proofing, and education on energy conservation.

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