Founded over 30 years ago, Bouckaert Industrial Textiles is one of the leading suppliers of nonwoven acoustical insulation materials to industries across North America. We are always ready to meet your noise-reduction goals.

Whether you require insulation made from fiberglass, micro-denier polyester, or from more natural materials such as wool or cotton. We have over 6 million pounds of raw material in stock. And we can engineer a variety of textile qualities into our felts depending on their intended application.

We manufacture acoustical solutions that range from stiff moldable architectural panels, soft sound-absorptive materials, floor underlays, and many other options. All of which provide unsurpassable noise-reduction properties.

We control the entire workflow of nonwoven textiles, from fiber sourcing to product finishing. This enables us to offer the best possible quality product made in the USA at a competitive price. No matter your needs, we have the capability and experience to keep your client’s spaces quiet and efficient.

Benefits of Nonwovens in Acoustics

Over the last two decades OEMs (Auto, RV, Appliance, and other machinery manufacturers), as well as architects, and interior designers have increasingly worked to design quieter equipment and spaces. Originally, materials to absorb sound were limited to foams and other soft fabrics. However, this has started to change over the last decade. Nonwoven materials come with a host of benefits for acoustical applications, including:

  • Excellent (and tunable) acoustical absorbency
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Lighter weight
  • Moldable
  • Aesthetically pleasing and designable
  • Combinable into composite solutions
  • Eliminates Chemical Binders

Product Lines


Poly-Sonic acoustical panels are a family of 100% polyester panels designed and manufactured entirely in the USA by Bouckaert Industrial Textiles to meet your acoustical needs.

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Temp-Sonic is a family of products from Bouckaert Industrial Textiles comprised of needled fiberglass blended with polyester or polypropylene for use as acoustical and/or thermal insulation.

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Our acoustical insulation has many practical applications. Clients use our products in automotive settings, including as headliners and body insulation in cars as well as noise-reduction panels on trains and busses. Our damping materials also can absorb vehicular vibrations that otherwise cause unpleasant buzzing sounds.

In addition, we build a variety of acoustical insulation products for architectural uses. Some of these products include:

  • Floor underlayment
  • Office dividers
  • Acoustical panels
  • Ceiling tiles

We also build custom noise-abatement solutions for any application that needs them.

We can perform small production runs, including prototyping and product trials, up to large-scale mass production projects. We also offer a number of expediting services, including Just in Time (JIT) Delivery, and we set up Kanban systems as needed.

Bouckaert Industrial Textiles adheres to strict industry standards outlined by SAE and ASTM requirements. Depending on our customer’s needs, our products can be engineered to be certified UL Fireproof and ASTM E84 Class A. And with our full staff of customer service professionals and sales representatives, we’re not afraid to take the necessary time to design a product that meets your every need.

Additional Information

  • Capabilities

    We design products to the following specifications:

    4 oz./sq. yd. to 500 oz./sq. yd. (200gsm to 17,000gsm) (±10% tolerance)
    0.040” to 2.5” (1mm to 64mm) (±7% tolerance)
    Up to 11.15 ft. (3.4 m)

    *We also can offer tighter tolerances based on project requirements.

  • Materials

    Bouckaert Industrial Textiles builds acoustical insulation products from many different types of material, such as:

    • 100% fiberglass
    • Fiberglass polyester blends
    • Polyester
    • Micro-denier polyester
    • Wool–polyester blends

  • Secondary Services

    We also perform secondary services as needed after creating the parts. These can include:

    • Laminating
    • Singeing
    • Sheeting
    • Prototyping
    • CNC Cutting
    • PSA coating
    • Heat setting
    • Compositing

Acoustical Insulation from Bouckaert Industrial Textiles

Bouckaert Industrial Textiles has led the field for over 30 years in providing versatile and customizable acoustical insulation for projects large and small. We offer a wide range of materials and services that allow customers to achieve noise-reduction capabilities their products need.

If you would like to learn more about how we can find the best acoustical insulation solution for your next project.

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