What are Poly-Sonic Acoustical Panels?

Poly-Sonic acoustical panels are a family of 100% polyester panels designed and manufactured entirely in the USA by Bouckaert Industrial Textiles to meet your acoustical needs. Poly-Sonic provides the best quality acoustical panels that are fiberglass and VOC free in the market. Every panel has a recycled content of at least 60%. and can be designed to pass market flammability and acoustical standards.

What are Poly-Sonic Rolled Goods?

Does your company already have heat-setting/molding capabilities and you would prefer to shape or mold the material yourself? We have many customers who fit this category and are looking for rolled goods that they can then turn into their own specialized products. Poly-sonic rolled goods are moldable nonwovens that can be turned into acoustical panels.

Why buy Poly-Sonic from Bouckaert Industrial Textiles?

  • Made in USA
  • Low MOQ’s and Lead Times
  • Customization available in weight, thickness, and color
  • Boards or Roll goods available

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Poly-Sonic Applications

polyester acoustic panel felt

  • Acoustic Panels
  • Sound Absorbing Acoustic Panels
  • Acoustic Boards
  • Acoustic Art
  • Acoustic Ceiling Tiles
  • Acoustic Baffles
  • Acoustic Lighting
  • Moldable Acoustic Absorbers
  • Acoustic Designs
  • Ceiling Clouds
  • Desk Screens
  • Office Acoustic Panels
  • Architectural Acoustics
  • Building Acoustics
  • Room Acoustics

Custom Poly-Sonic Specifications

As a custom manufacturer, we are always looking to add value however we can. Do you already have a specification that you don’t see here? We can match it. Looking for something that is similar to everything else you’ve seen but want to change some of the specifications like sheet size, thickness, density, color, etc? Let us know and our Product Design Team will get in touch and we can customize a product just for you.

Standard Products

Product Thickness Density Standard Panel Size
custom sizes available
Minimum Order Quantities
(in 4’x8′ sheets)
Poly-Sonic 56354 0.354″ 13.2lb 4’x8′ 0.30 240
Poly-Sonic 56500 0.5″ 9.3lb 4’x8′ 0.50 172
Poly-Sonic 70500 0.5″ 11.6lb 4’x8′ 0.50 172
Poly-Sonic 721000 1″ 6lb 4’x8′ 0.75 172
Poly-Sonic 1101000 1″ 9.2lb 4’x8′ 0.81 86
Poly-Sonic 1442000 2″ 6lb 4’x8′ 1.01 84

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Standard Colors

We have temporarily reduced our lineup of colors through 2022 due to supply chain disruptions and longer than normal manufacturing queues. Due to this increased demand and continued supply chain challenges, we have decided to streamline our production to a limited color offering of white, black and a selection of greys in order to facilitate fast delivery times.

Technical Documentation

Poly-Sonic 72 at 1 Inch C423A Preliminary TestPoly-Sonic 72 at 1 Inch C423A Preliminary Test

Poly-Sonic Acoustical Testing (ASTM C423A) Result DocumentationPoly-Sonic Acoustical Test (ASTM C423A) Results

Poly-Sonic 43 ASTM E84 Test Result DocumentationPoly-Sonic 43 ASTM E84 Test Results

Poly-Sonic 72 ASTM E84 Test Result DocumentationPoly-Sonic 72 ASTM E84 Test Results


Thanks to Bouckaert Industrial Textiles our company has been able to grow our polyester cloud and wall panel business by providing innovative product capabilities at extremely competitive price points, even letting us compete against fiberglass products.


Standard or Custom Manufacturing

Whether you need one of our standard weights, densities, thicknesses, panels sizes or something custom for your project, Bouckaert Industrial Felts stands ready to help.

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