Bouckaert Industrial Textiles specializes in providing a wide range of nonwoven fabrics and composites to automotive OEMs and their supply chains. Our nonwoven materials and industrial felts can serve as insulation from sound or heat, weight-saving replacements for plastic of metal parts, padding, and structural reinforcement. We also offer damping materials to absorb and weaken vibrations that can otherwise cause an unpleasant squeak, rattle and buzzing sounds within the car’s interior.

Benefits of Nonwovens in Automotive

Almost all automotive manufacturers use of nonwoven fabrics in their products’ interiors and structures, and more innovative uses are being found every day. Nonwoven materials come with a host of benefits for automotive manufacturers, including:

  • Excellent thermal and acoustical absorbency
  • Strength + flexibility
  • Lighter weight
  • Moldable
  • Combinable into composite solutions
  • Eliminates Chemical Binders

Primary Uses

  • Acoustical and thermal insulation made from polyester, fiberglass, polypropylene, or fiberglass polyester blends
  • Molded products with options for polyester/ polyester bi-component, fiberglass/polyester bi-component and fiberglass–polypropylene blends

Product Lines

Temp-Sonic is a family of products from Bouckaert Industrial Textiles comprised of needled fiberglass blended with polyester or polypropylene for use as acoustical and/or thermal insulation.

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Our nonwoven materials and felts provide practical advantages throughout the automotive manufacturing process. These products are perfect for any application that requires insulation, mold-ability, padding, filtering, or lining.

Some common components we make from nonwoven fabrics include:

  • Acoustical insulation (headliner and underbody materials)
  • Thermal insulation (Thermal and Heat Shields)
  • Padding for sun visors
  • Engine Side Acoustic Absorbers
  • Padding for sun visors
  • Under-carpet
  • Trunk liners
  • Console and storage box linings
  • Wheel Liners
  • Front of Dash

Other relevant uses for our materials include:

  • Composite creation
  • Tire reinforcement
  • Battery post-corrosion inhibitor washers
  • Oil filters
  • Muffler wraps
  • Moldable RV Panels

Fast Turnarounds and Just in Time Delivery

Bouckaert Industrial Textiles offers expedited services for clients in a hurry. Our Just in Time (JIT) Delivery service includes Kanban Systems that support JIT pull capability for large-scale production. Because of our specialized machinery and large stock of materials on hand, we can accommodate orders ranging from small trial sizes all the way to large-scale mass production.

No matter your needs, our experienced product engineers will work with you to create the ideal customized solution for your automotive application.


Additional Information

  • Capabilities

    Bouckaert Industrial Textiles engineers our materials to conform to SAE and ASTM requirements as well as UL 94 and FMVSS 302 Fireproofing standards. In addition, we have a demonstrated commitment to producing consistent and measurable quality that sets our products apart.

    We work within the following standard tolerances:

    4 oz./sq. yd. to 500 oz./sq. yd. (200gsm to 17,000gsm) (±10% tolerance)
    0.040” to 2.5” (1mm to 64mm) (±7% tolerance)
    Up to 11.15 ft. (3.4 m)

    We can also offer tighter tolerances depending on your project’s requirements.

  • Materials

    Bouckaert Industrial Textiles creates needle-punch and air-laid nonwovens made with many of the most prevalent materials in the automotive industry. Specific offerings include but are not limited to:

    • Polyester
    • Fiberglass
    • Polypropylene
    • Wool
    • Nylon
    • blends of any of these fibers

  • Secondary Services

    In addition to these primary materials, we also perform a range of secondary services to further tailor our products to your needs. Options include:

    • Laminating
    • Singeing
    • Sheeting
    • Prototyping
    • CNC Cutting
    • PSA coatings
    • Heat setting
    • Compositing

Automotive Felts from Bouckaert Industrial Textiles

As one of the nation’s leading nonwoven material providers, Bouckaert Industrial Textiles is ready to work with you on your automotive material needs. Our team of experts will consider your technical specification requirements to help you develop the optimal solution at your scale, price and on your time frame.

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