What is Temp-Sonic?

Temp-Sonic is a family of products from Bouckaert Industrial Textiles comprised of needled fiberglass blended with polyester or polypropylene for use as acoustical and/or thermal insulation. Whether you need a moldable acoustical absorber, a substrate to support aerogels or other chemicals or a flexible, high performance core for a heat-shield, Temp- Sonic is the choice for you.

Bouckaert Industrial Textiles has over 30years of experience creating custom products and every Temp-Sonic product is specifically crafted for each customer and use. With Temp-Sonic, you won’t pay for extra performance or carry extra weight or have to design around your heat-shield just because that was the only choice in the catalog. Tell us your needs and we will work with you to develop the product to best fit them.

High Performance Thermal Temp-Sonic

Temp-Sonic Specifications

  • Basis Weight: 6oz-60oz per sq yard (200 – 2035 gsm)
  • Thickness: 0.125″-2″ (3mm – 50mm)
  • Density: 1.5-10 lbs per cubic ft
  • Construction: Carded, Cross-Lapped & Needled
  • Blend Ratios: 0-75% Fiberglass

The Temp-Sonic Family

  • Temp-Sonic FG: 100% Fiberglass products. For when you need temperatures up to 1200F in contact with your material.
  • Temp-Sonic: Fiberglass blended with polyester. Great for use in flexible heat-shields or acoustical products.
  • Temp-Sonic PP: Fiberglass blended with polypropylene. Used for traditional moldable parts
  • Temp-Sonic HM: Fiberglass blended with 180c melt point bi-component polyester. For use when you require a moldable part, but at a higher operating temperature than regularly possible with polypropylene.


Temp-Sonic Applications

  • Thermal Shields
  • Heat Shields
  • Thermal Sound Absorbers
  • Engine Side Acoustic Absorbers
  • Headliners
  • Hoodliners
  • Underbody Shields
  • Wheel Liners
  • Acoustic Absorbers
  • Moldable Acoustic Absorbers
  • Moldable Panels
  • Moldable RV Panels
  • Fiberglass Acoustic Absorbers
  • Front of Dash


Technical Documentation

Standard or Custom Manufacturing

Whether you need one of our standard weights, densities, thicknesses, panels sizes or something custom for your project, Bouckaert Industrial Felts stands ready to help.

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