BIT Strives to Work with All Felt Markets

The nonwoven felt fabric industry spans many different markets. This is why Bouckaert Industrial Textiles has put such an emphasis on leaving no market untouched.

Regardless of the intended application for your felt fabric, we can manufacture the solution. Here are just a few of the markets we have worked with in the past:

Are you interested in felt fabric for another market not listed above? Let us know and we’ll see if we can help.

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Agricultural and Green Roof Felt Fabric

Our needle-punch wool and synthetic felt fabrics for the agriculture and green roof industry are produced from 100% recycled fibers. This allows our felt fabric to remain affordable with high performance for protection and separation.

Bouckaert Industrial offers a wide selection of green roof and agricultural felt fabric solutions that we create from nonwoven felt fabrics.

When your company needs agricultural felt fabric solutions you can rely on, choose Bouckaert Industrial Textiles for our unparalleled experience and product quality.


The appliance industry includes applications such as gaskets, felt seals, and vibration dampeners.

The use of our felt in appliances will ensure that customers are happy with the quality of the materials used in their product. In many cases, a higher quality felt will also extend the lifespan of the appliance leaving both you and your customer satisfied.
Bouckaert Industrial Textiles’ wide array of machinery allows us to manufacture felt fabric suitable for any appliance. If you have a problem requiring felt of any kind, contact us to figure out a solution.

Boot Liners

Boot liners, whether it be for hiking shoes, rain boots, or anything in between, provide an extra layer of protection against a variety of weather conditions.

Nonwoven wool felt fabric for boot liners will keep you warm without overheating in cold environments and keep out moisture in wet environments, making them a comfortable option for any situation. Unlike fleece or synthetic fiber-based liners, wool is antimicrobial making it odor-resistant even with long wears. It will naturally conform to the shape of the foot over time.

Carpet Underlay

Needle punch carpet padding manufactured by BIT meets the need for interior comfort, design, and safety in aircraft cabins and cockpits.

Our wool felt carpet underlay has superior performance to traditional synthetic felt pads. Wool has excellent durability. When blended with synthetic fibers, such as nylon, the durability of wool is increased. Wools’ natural memory allows it to rebound to its manufactured thickness, even after long-term use. It absorbs odors, VOC’s and formaldehyde, therefore promoting a healthier indoor environment.

Our wool carpet underlay is also naturally flame retardant and passes the most stringent industry flame retardancy tests. Carpet underlay padding by BIT provides softness and adequate support when walked upon. It provides a softer feel underfoot and provides added acoustical and insulation benefits, as well as longer wear life for the carpet.

Furniture Felt

Whether chairs, couches, mattresses, pads, fireproofing wraps, or any other furnishings, Bouckaert Industrial Textiles furniture felt fabrics are an integral part of many top quality furniture lines.

Providing superior alternatives to foam, BIT’s air-laid and cross-lapped needle punch nonwovens are capable of keeping your customers comfortable and safe while maintaining durability and cost-effectiveness.

Bouckaert Industrial offers a wide selection of furniture felt solutions.

When your company needs furniture felt solutions you can rely on, choose Bouckaert Industrial Textiles for our unparalleled experience and product quality.

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