How Furniture Acoustics Are Changing How We Live

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In the constantly evolving world of interior design, the combination of form and function has become essential to have effective sound control in a multitude of spaces. A new solution that provides the benefits of sound control while being equally functional for your space is furniture acoustics. Beyond the aesthetic appeal of furniture, there lies […]

How Felt Filtration Plays a Part in Garbage Incineration

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We all know that our waste goes into landfills, but there are many important parts of the process that you may not know. While discussions about sustainability and waste reduction frequently revolve around recycling and composting, felt filtration for garbage incineration often remains overlooked. This process plays a vital role in modern waste management by […]

Trenchless/no-dig water main

What is Cure-In-Place-Piping (CIPP)? And why does a felt manufactuer have anything to do with it?

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In the world of pipeline rehabilitation, cure-in-place piping (CIPP) has emerged as a revolutionary solution. This trenchless method has gained significant popularity due to the many benefits it provides, the most important being eliminating the need for costly and disruptive pipeline excavations. Many tools and materials are utilized in the process of cure-in-place piping, but […]

what is automotive felt fabric

What Is Automotive Felt Fabric? How Is It Used?

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There are more than 1.4 billion cars on the road today. So, it is no surprise that the automotive industry is one of the largest in the world in terms of revenue and employment. Each of these vehicles require a significant number of resources such as steel, rubber, plastic, and aluminum. These raw materials go […]

acoustics in hospitality

How to Absorb Sound In A Room with Acoustic Panels

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Restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels; we leave the comfort of our homes to indulge in these spaces. COVID-19 restrictions have eased and the long-desired opportunity to frequent our forgotten social lives is now present. Properly designed noise control measures in your public spaces can make a difference between a returning customer and a bad Yelp review […]

is fiberglass insulation safe

Is Fiberglass Insulation Safe for Your Company?

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Fiberglass is the most commonly used insulative material in the world. And its popularity is no fluke. Fiberglass is inexpensive, energy-efficient, and relatively safe in fires. But research has shed some light on the possible dangers of fiberglass and many people are beginning to ask, “Is fiberglass insulation safe to use?” In short, fiberglass is […]

what is custom manufacturing

What Is Custom Manufacturing? Is It Right for Your Company?

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Most consumers think of manufacturing as nothing more than a long line of automated machines creating thousands of copies of the same product every day. We can thank the TV show How It’s Made for this assumption. But what is custom manufacturing? In reality, manufacturing companies come in many different shapes and sizes. In many […]

what is domestic manufacturing

Domestic vs. International Manufacturing: Which Is Better For Your Business?

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The American economy would not be what it is today without outsourced manufacturing. But is it essential to the health of our industries?   What was once a cost-effective solution is now facing problems. Emerging regulation standards, longer lead times, rising shipping costs, and quality control issues are plaguing the global manufacturing industry. Whether you […]

bouckaert industrial textiles sales process

Bouckaert Industrial Textiles: How Our Sales Process Works

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Video Transcript Working with a custom manufacturer isn’t always easy. That’s why Bouckaert Industrial Textiles strives to make our sales process easy for our customers. On first contact, we make an effort to figure out your exact needs. We discuss: Specifications Volume Testing requirements Desired outcome And any other requirement you may have. We document […]


Why Polyester Felt is the Best Choice for Acoustic Insulation


In design, sound matters. The function of a space is not determined by its aesthetics only but also by the sounds it makes. “Sound may be invisible or only unconsciously perceived, but that doesn’t make it any less an architectural material than wood, glass, concrete, stone or light.” – Michael Kimmelman. Sound inextricably becomes attached […]

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