Polyester acoustic panels used as acosutic baffles

How Are Polyester Acoustic Panels Made & How To Identify Quality Panels

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One of the hottest trends in office furniture and interior design is the rise of polyester (PET) acoustic panels. The use of these panels is growing significantly in markets such as construction, retrofits of existing offices, and other commercial and public spaces. Over the past 3 years, polyester acoustical panels have seen a massive upsurge […]

Polyester acoustical panel manufacturing line

Bouckaert Invests In Acoustical Panel Market With New Equipment Coming 2021

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Bouckaert Industrial Textiles is pleased to announce it’s further investment in its growing share of the polyester acoustical panel market. BIT hopes to continue its success in this space with the purchase of several pieces of new equipment that will be installed starting in Q1 2021. Bouckaert first entered the polyester acoustical panel market two […]

needlepunch felt rolls

Needle-Punch Felt, What Is It and How Is It Made?

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What is needle-punch felt? When most people think of textiles, they think of products like shirts, jeans, and blankets. But the world of fabric goes far beyond clothing and blankets. Textiles are used to make everything from the seatbelts in your car to acoustic panels or desk dividers in your office to the blue medical […]

New Nonwoven Card

Capital Investments for 2020

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Bouckaert Industrial Textiles is excited to announce the addition of three new pieces of nonwoven manufacturing equipment. This equipment will be coming online in January 2020. Our white, synthetic fiber production line will see the addition of two new critical pieces of equipment. First, the line is getting a brand new Bematic card. This will […]

New Air-Lay line Coming In April 2017

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Bouckaert Industrial Textiles (BIT), a roll goods producer of diverse non-wovens to the thermal and acoustical insulation, equestrian, automotive, specialty filtration, vibration dampening, green-roof and industrial markets announced today that it has acquired a new, 3.4 meter wide, air-lay line from Laroche S.A. and TechnoPlants srl. The line is due to be delivered starting in […]

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