Mattress And Furniture

Whether chairs, couches, mattresses, pads, fireproofing wraps or many other furnishings, Bouckaert Industrial Textiles non-woven fabrics are an integral part of many top quality furniture lines.

Providing superior alternatives to foam BIT’s air-laid and cross-lapped needle-punch non-wovens are capable of keeping your customers comfortable and safe while maintaining durability and cost-effectiveness.


Product Lines

Poly-Sonic acoustical panels are a family of 100% polyester panels designed and manufactured entirely in the USA by Bouckaert Industrial Textiles to meet your acoustical needs.

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Mattress and Furniture Non-Woven Solutions from Bouckaert Industrial Textiles

Bouckaert Industrial offers a wide selection of mattress and furniture non-woven solutions.

When your company needs mattress and furniture non-woven solutions you can rely on, choose Bouckaert Industrial Textiles for our unparalleled experience and product quality.

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