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Capital Investments for 2020

New Nonwoven Card New Needleloom for Nonwovens

Bouckaert Industrial Textiles is excited to announce the addition of three new pieces of nonwoven manufacturing equipment. This equipment will be coming online in January 2020.

Our white, synthetic fiber production line will see the addition of two new critical pieces of equipment. First, the line is getting a brand new Bematic card. This will improve our quality control and blending capabilities. Additionally, a new up-stroke needle-loom from Shoou Shyng will be added in-line. When combined with the existing down-stroke loom, we will now be able to needle from both sides. Specifically targeting synthetic and glass fiber felt products, this needlepunch line will efficiently produce goods from 6oz per sq yard to 65oz per sq yard in varying thicknesses.

In addition to the improvements to the white line, a second, new Shoou Shyng needle-loom has been added offline to augment our production of grey and colored nonwovens.

Overall, these improvements will allow us to phase out some older equipment and expand our capabilities when it comes to weight, width, and control for our products.

These new capital investments, totaling $1.9 million, will position Bouckaert to be able to continue to meet the current market needs as well as opening access to a number of new markets we plan to enter into in the future.

If you have any questions regarding our new equipment or how this will change our capabilities, please reach out to our Business Development and Marketing Manager, Alex d’Anjou (

New Airlay line Coming In April 2017

Bouckaert Industrial Textiles (BIT), a roll goods producer of diverse nonwovens to the thermal and acoustical insulation, equestrian, automotive, specialty filtration, vibration dampening, green-roof and industrial markets announced today that it has acquired a new, 3.4 meter wide, airlay line from Laroche S.A. and TechnoPlants srl. The line is due to be delivered starting in January and be online in the beginning of the second quarter of 2017, making material primarily for the thermal and acoustical insulation markets with additional capacity being geared towards specialty filtration and conveyor belting.

At over $3 million, projected to manufacture 8 to 10 million lbs of material per year, and adding 15 new specialized manufacturing jobs, this is the largest such purchase in Bouckaert’s 28 year history. When asked “Why now?” for such a purchase BIT’s President, Max Brickle (also President of the parent company The Brickle Group), stated “We originally looked into bringing on this capacity due to our current client’s growing business and requests for material we could not supply with our current lines. It was this desire to support our client’s needs that really made the decision.”

Bouckaert has confirmed that their new line’s capacity has already drawn a lot of attention from various industries and companies. Many of these companies are looking to leverage Bouckaert’s extensive record on capability and quality control with its geographical position in the US northeast, allowing them to reduce shipping costs while increasing the quality and consistency of their products.

When asked “What’s next for Bouckaert after getting this line up and running?” Mr. Brickle just smiled and said “The future. Give us a call if you want to discuss it.”