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Bouckaert Industrial Textiles: How Our Sales Process Works

Video Transcript

Working with a custom manufacturer isn’t always easy.

That’s why Bouckaert Industrial Textiles strives to make our sales process easy for our customers.

On first contact, we make an effort to figure out your exact needs.

We discuss:

  • Specifications
  • Volume
  • Testing requirements
  • Desired outcome

And any other requirement you may have.

We document all of your requirements and communications so there is no confusion later in the process.

Our engineers offer their advice and help to ensure all of your needs are met.

A finished solution is presented along with a quote.

Upon approval, we produce and deliver a trial to ensure the product works as desired.

Full production begins once the trial product has been customer-tested.

Our sales process allows us to make the product right the first time, on time, all of the time.

Bouckaert Industrial Textiles is a US manufacturer of custom needle punch nonwoven felt fabric. Contact us today!

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