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Bouckaert Invests In Acoustical Panel Market With New Equipment Coming 2021

PET acoustic panel uses: hanging baffles

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Bouckaert Industrial Textiles is pleased to announce it’s further investment in its growing share of the polyester acoustical panel market. BIT hopes to continue its success in this space with the purchase of several pieces of new equipment that will be installed starting in Q1 2021.

Bouckaert first entered the polyester acoustical panel market two years ago as a US manufacturing alternative to Chinese imports. Since that time, it has greatly improved quality, capacity, and capabilities on existing equipment and gained a sizeable client base. Primarily targeting customers who are looking for high-quality, US-made acoustical panels BIT has seen massive growth in this industry. BIT has separated itself from competitors in a number of areas. First, the ability to manufacture in the United States. Secondly, the ability to produce industry-standard specifications at an extremely high quality. Finally, BIT has distinguished itself with its ability to customize any characteristics such as weight, thickness, dimensions, or colors. Combined with over 30 years of advanced technical knowledge of how to engineer felt for best results, BIT has become a primary source for PET panels for many customers. Bouckaert sells acoustical panels under its own brand name “Poly-Sonic,” white-labeled, or as roll goods for customers to molded shapes from. BIT stands ready to help acoustical consultants, interior designers, architects, furniture and lighting companies, and others realize their needs.

The addition of a brand new double belt press will allow BIT to double its production capacity of polyester acoustic panels. This machine will also significantly improve the quality of the PET sounds absorbers with increased stiffness and exceptional surface quality. With an installation target date of Q1 2021, this is a major component of BIT’s growth plans in the future.

Polyester acoustical panel manufacturing line

Furthermore, coming in Q3 2021, a new carding production line will again double BIT’s capacity. This will also improve quality by more consistently blending fiber (and therefore color!) throughout the acoustical panel.

Felt carding equipment to produce sound absorbers

Driven by customer demand, BIT already has several anchor customers lined up. Once complete, Bouckaert Industrial Textiles is positioned to take the next step as a provider of polyester acoustical panels to the North American market.

Have questions about BIT’s polyester acoustical panels? Visit our Poly-Sonic page for more details!

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